The great typing race

June 20, 2006 at 9:50 am

[B]Liz[/B], I am glad,that youmlet your haqnds out of the, closet. I will do tjhe same thismone time. I am typing with to ingers always,looking a the keyboard. It seems that I always hitmthe right keys but when I finally look at the sxcreen – if the window is still there – there are plenty of extra letters. Like this.
OK, I willmlook now. Well, not too bad. Insteadmof hitting the space bar I seem to be hitting the m a lot.:eek: You don’t seem to have that problem.

[b]Finger typing race: first two lines[/b]

[COLOR=”RoyalBlue”][B]Liz[/B] 9 mistakes[/COLOR]
[COLOR=”MediumTurquoise”][B]Norb[/B] 8 mistakes [/COLOR]
[B]Soapy[/B] 0 mistakes in one line, two lines = 0
[B]Marge[/B] 0 mistakes – did you cheat and correct mistakes?:confused:
[B]Adrian[/B] disqualified, used DDNS7 steroids on his horse
[COLOR=”Red”][B]Gene[/B] 5 mistakes in one line, = 10 in two lines[/COLOR]
[B]Pam[/B] 3 mistakes

Looks like Gene is the winner by a large margin followed by Liz and Norb with q close third place, Pam a distant fourth.