The Gift That Keeps Giving

February 20, 2007 at 2:36 pm

What burdens you have! In your shoes I would be so stressed out that I would not be able to function at all. It’s certainly true that one problem creates another which in turn creates another etc.

All of the advice you have received so far seems somewhat valid to me. In fact, recently I read a study that seemed to demonstrate how “small talk” is far more important to job success that previously realized.

I’m not sure it’s always wise to tell others that you have some type of medical problem. While some individuals are very understanding and sympathetic others (most?) often seem to hold it against you for a variety of reasons and will avoid you or evaluate you more negatively. At least this was the experience of myself and other GBS patients I have talked to.

Are you sure that your perceptions of the reason that you did not received the desired job offer are correct? All of us frequently misperceive why others behave the way they do. I know I have done this frequently. I would think a frank discussion with your boss as to what you want and expect (without necessarily mentioning your illness at first) might turn out to be very helpful in your situation.

I appreciate what a tough time this is for you. Sometimes joining a support group can help- we all need an opportunity to express our frustrations and receive understanding and acceptance. I’m not sure the workplace is the appropriate location for this however.