The Future

July 31, 2006 at 5:13 pm

You are clearly at a difficult place in the journey where you are wondering what the future holds for your ability to walk. Do you have a counselor, advocate, social worker to talk about your concerns with and to come up with a plan to help you adjust, since the outcome is uncertain to you? There are many ways of improving the quality of life without maximum ambulation, but you will need tools to do this. Occupational therapists are a great resource in this area of adaptation.

Use this board to pose questions, like: “I’m trying to get my marketing done, what do you do?” or, “How do you keep the door open while propelling yourself through a door with a mobility aid?” or other daily issues that you may be struggling with. We can learn so much from eachother to ease the stress of getting through a day while our bodies stabilize and heal. You can try my yahoo chat address evenings if you like, and I’ll be happy to share my adaptations with you if you think it will help! Best of luck to you!