The chemo is not all that bad …

December 10, 2011 at 9:23 am


The chemo wasn’t really all that bad for me. NW does an outstanding job of using every trick they have to make you as comfortable as possible. I only threw up once – when I went in for the one overnight for the first chemo blast to mobilize the stem cells and start preparing for harvesting. I believe two factors contributed to my getting sick. First, recommend you DON’T eat a salad while taking chemo – it just sort of sat in my stomach and didn’t go anywhere until the next day when it landed in my trash can! Second, I got a really bad headache and didn’t do anything about it until I got sick. We ended up concluding that the headache caused the nausea. So when I went in for the approx 3 week stay, we stayed on top of the headache and I didn’t get sick again. I mostly just felt tired. I went through everything else just fine and I know you will do great also!!!!! Keep that wonderful upbeat attitude and all will be well!!!!!

I am so very excited for you and predict you will have a spectacular birthday next year!