The bad thing about Pred is that weight

September 19, 2008 at 2:59 pm

The bad thing about that pred is the weight gain. Some of it you can’t help especially in high doses. But the lower the dose the easier the weight can come off. It’s not only the calories in the foods we eat but also what we drink everyday.
I was a constant soda drinker and keep a dry mouth. Never ever had weight problems before and was a 90 pounder in my early 30’s. Never gained weight and could eat all day and drink all day.
Until the pred came along! Those sodas had some calories to them and so does Iced Tea! 5 drinks a day at 210 calories can add up and then those 3 meals a day added on top of that. Now stack up the calories and before you even know it you have 2000 calories easy! 😀