THAT’S WHATS NEEDED-records, and DO show up in a wheelchair-it gets their attention!

January 22, 2010 at 12:20 am

Hi Christy,
I remember you from a few years back.
Isn’t there any records you brought with you with your move to another state?
If not, it is easy to get your main records sent to you, from your old doc. jUST CALL THEM, AND THEY CAN SEND THEM TO YOU.
(Sorry you have Kaiser–I heard they were bad…)
If you had a good rapport with one of your past doctors, perhaps you could call that doc, and have him call this new idiot with what’s REALLY going on, and you know when a flare is coming on.
But, DO show up in a wheelchair your next visit–it will at least get his attention.
Hope things work out for you.