That’s really weird about the metal

August 17, 2008 at 6:01 pm

In 1984, I had my tubes tied and they used metal clips because of the new technology. I got sick right after that surgery!
1990, had a nerve biopsy and messing with my nerve in the leg caused me to be sick! Maybe the metal knife and needle they used! Possible!
1997 Total Hysterectomy. Metal Staples. Got sick!
2007 Lumbar Spinal Open Disectomy and metal was used then.
You want to hear a good one! I have to have B-12 shots using needles and they have metal. Been noticing this but never thought about it until today! Right after the needle. A few hours later, I was feeling like an ER visit! Weird wacky stuff going on! And when I go to get lab work done, I get bad off! One time I got so sick feeling that I had to pull over and just sit a while. Was fine when I went in but after that lab, I got sick!
I have seen people that can’t wear gold and they have an acid problem with the gold actually turning the gold brown and eating the gold away. Some people can’t wear cheap pierced earrings because it causes their ears to get infected.
Something that we all have in common here is getting labs and needles! Metal needles at that! Not really sure what kind of metal. It would be strange if we all had some kind of metal allergy. Children getting vaccines and some get severely sick afterwards while others don’t. So parents are blaming the vaccine. But maybe it’s the needle! The metals used for surgeries!
Ohh I could go on forever hear! But it’s logical! Very logical! That would explain the child getting GBS/CIDP, the Lupus Patient getting CIDP. Maybe it the metal used in the needles. Not the surgeries itself, but the metals being used. Allergy to metals!