That Marbled look

January 15, 2009 at 11:50 am

Hey Julie! That marbled look! Is it showing up on your legs too? Covering your body in alot of areas. Kind of like splochy looking skin. If so it probably is Livedo Reticularis! I get the Lupus rash too on my cheeks at times. Mine is very mild and it can barely be seen but I notice it! Looks like 3 small bumps on my face but are fine bumps. But they always have a weird butterfly look to them.
I think that Rheumatologist may be your best bet and the next time you get that rash you get a skin biopsy! Just want to let you know that if your labs come out normal, stick with that Rheumy and don’t give up. Once a person gets an ANA with a speckled pattern they usually do have a Rheumatological Disorder. And in order for it to be classified as Lupus you have to have at least 7 out of 11 Criteria to be considered Lupus. So it may take a while before you get diagnosed as having Lupus. Same goes for Scleroderma. But then you might just have Mixed Connective Tissue Diasease that mimics all three symtoms. Not being Lupus or the other diseases but Mixed. Keep me posted on this! Any questions you are sure about let me know. Even if it means a phone call! Hugs
Linda H