That is very hard to say!

April 27, 2009 at 5:31 pm

Ihave been a frequent prednisone user since 1993. Seen high doses and low doses. It really varies with the individual. If you see yourself feeling worse on the prednisone the very first month then let your doctor know for it probably might not be helping it at all. But if you see improvement but don’t expect it to be a huge improvement. Small improvements slowly and gradually. When they started me on Prednisone in 1993, I was wheelchair bound. Too two years before I was back walking again.
Prednisone though was at one time a great drug for me. But because I have been long term it is not as effective on me as it used to be. Now they want me on a Chemo drug and are planning on giving that to me shortly. Sometime in May!
If it’s going to work you will start seeing some improvements but the nerves to regenerate might take some time! Hope this helps! Get well soon! Hugs
Linda H