That is amazing!

December 21, 2008 at 12:46 pm

All at once w/a traditional little old guy [tho maybe big, you know what I mean] and witnesses! NO one would ever believe it if it’d not been seen by others! Soooo. where do you stand on the heat factor? Did he have THE ‘part’? Or, are you out in the cold?
Suspense is just that – suspense.
I do hope this new schedule will work better and that docs are able to zero in on the key issues. Could be that you have both a rheumy and CIDP issue. I wouldn’t be surprised, tho dealing with one thing is so much easier than many.
BTW? Love your taste in your and hubby’s music! Makes me feel at least 10 years younger! At least!
That sense of humor is special. That knack is what gets you and helps US get thru all that happens. Don’t lose it!