That infusion session was unnerving…

May 5, 2011 at 7:17 pm

As it was a ‘sub’ nurse for the regular infusion nurse. I’d been spoiled having an experienced infusion nurse at home for several years, but insurance costs and restrictions made it expensive to continue, and, their billing offices were not only a mess? But strange. Too stressful to deal with. However the nurse was wonderful and always got the port in ‘one’!
The sub nurse had to try twice to get the IV catheter needle into the port. The first was a ‘no go’, albeit ‘enthusiastic?; the second? Well, when I heard ‘Went too far in’. My brain was working very hard not to go into ‘panic mode’? IS this going to damage the port? DUH? At least there were no bruises or the like afterwards.
Next time? Bringing the old ‘port booklet’ and know where to web up the detailed instructions for nurses from the product info.
The killer was…all this while I was being told how ‘experienced’ they were with ER and OR situations! NOT!
It’s been a while since I’d had my confidence about IV infusions shaken. With resulting bad reactions. This was Definitely a wake up call.
I hate to have my eyes open when I get the needle in? THIS time I’ll be watching! It should be relatively *****-like pain Not PUNCH-IN pain!
IF anyone else has a port? And has experienced this? Do please, tell me! I want to know what all can go wrong so’s I can avoid it IF I can! Thanks all!