That Disability stuff is a joke

September 15, 2008 at 8:27 am

Julie! Disability did me the same way. Two years and 3 months and I had to get a SSD lawyer also. Got the lawyer and 2 months later I got my first check with no problems at all. In fact I got the lawyer and he turned in the information and then a week later I found out I was approved.
That really is a joke, isn’t it? Here you have a doctors note saying you can work or a doctor’s report saying your condition and they deny you! There is something wrong with that picture!
The lawyer gets half of your check and then you go your merry way! When I got my first check, I wanted to cry! Here I had 3 children to worry about while being chronically ill and scraping the pennies from my penny jar just so I could buy my son his first Class Ring in high school and get his prom things together and was getting denied. It was a rough two years. Right when you need the money the most your getting denied. Putting more strain on your health worrying about the food on the table and the bills coming in and they deny you! Trying to keep your children clothed and you are denied.
And then when I did get my first check, I cried because I was too sick to even spend any of it. Thank goodness my mother and father helping us out alot back then. My poor husband had to get two jobs so we could get those bills paid off. It was rough!
I can’t understand our system here! I really can’t understand it! I think it is a way to discourage people hoping they will give up and not try anymore getting a check. So someone just quits because they are too sick to keep messing around with paperwork and no telling how many die and never get a check. Letting the families take on the burden taking care of that sick one.
Like I said! That system is messed up and the questions they ask you! Some are so stupid! When you can’t work you just can’t work. When you are sick and have a doctors report that should be enough proof. Instead they make it hard on disabled people. They really do! And some of these people that are sick are emotionally unstable as well having to deal with their illness. And I felt like I was treated like scum! It made me feel that way. Here I was back in the 90’s making $30000.00 a year working and to get a measly $457.00 a month check to me was an insult but I had no choice but to except it so I could get my meds and bills paid.
What really made me mad back then was me knowing somebody that made less than I was making in the work force and they got a higher check. $300.00 more! And it was a male! Both of us worked the same time frames and made close to the same amount in paying in Social Security and he got more. And worked less than what I did! Funny thing too! My first husband died at 35 and my children got their dads Social Security check. They were getting $600.00 a month. My first husband barely worked. That it why I left him. He never wanted to work. So I ended up seeing another male getting a higher check.
I don’t know if they have changed things or not now, but I still think that back then, they were going by the Man/Woman differences in Labor pay and laws. Meaning a man is the provider of his family and the woman is considered a housewife so they see that the woman will need less money. This is just my opinion. Not cutting the male race down here but the Woman/ Man pay laws. It’s been an issue for years. Equal rights issue. Some things changed but Social Security has not been reformed since the late 70’s or early 80’s. So they are still going by that time frame in pay scales.