That can be freaky?

February 19, 2009 at 10:05 pm

I’ve rarely had instances such as yours? But, I have had a few spooky ones? Where I get up and it’s just like the foot isn’t THERE! As in dissolved…Needless to say, the ‘going down’ is inevitable? I didn’t have any ‘pain’ until after I’d fallen and fractured things…in more than one place.
It’s all, [pardon the pun?] very unnerving!

Just always keep that cane or walker handy for when you REALLY need it!

Hoping that your house sale goes smooth as silk with no wrinkles! You deserve this break for sure.

Your rash does sound like the ‘puritis’ or ‘hives’ type reaction that can happen with some IVIG infusions? Look up your brand’s ‘prescribing information’ and at the ‘lesser reported’ events. It does happen more than is reported. So take a look and decide whether you should report it? It DOES itch like crazy, doesn’t it?

Good heart thru your next stressful days!