Thanks to all who replied…

August 7, 2008 at 9:21 am

I did a google on suprapubic catheters and read up on them. It sounds like that might be the answer. Since I did not like the urologist I went to, (he was stuck on himself, had a big head, and bad attitude), I will bring this up to my GP and see what he says.
Pam-thanks on the reply. I am going through EXACTLY what you went through. Have now been on the cytoxan infusions for about a year now. Though, I cannot see any improvement yet. This is a very tough summer.
Last month, my white blood count dipped to 2.2 and I got the shingles because my body cannot fight anything off.
The heat of the summer is bringing on GREAT fatigue. Luckily, being in San Diego County, the humidity is low, though when the occasional monsoonal moisture comes up from Mexico, it makes it worse for me. I can make it to about 1pm, then have to go to bed and sleep. I have started changing my days around so that I get up around 3am where it is the coolest part of the day. And with me being weakened from only eating about 3 meals per week, only agravates the situation. Last year, one of my doctors told me to expect a feeding tube in my future, and I am afraid that time is coming near.
I think I will wait and lose some weight, (I can lose about 20 pounds before the caution flag goes up…). I hate living in air conditioning, but some days I get so weak, I have to turn it on in my bedroom.
The hottest month here is September, so I will see how it goes.
Good luck to the rest of you, who live in high humidity areas.