Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!!

August 8, 2006 at 3:05 pm

Hi All,
My Mom started infusion treatments last night. The best news I got today is that she is not wheelchair bound at this time, she is swallowing fine, and is able to use a walker (with assistance) to get up and down to the bathroom. Her doctor in Chicago is named Mircea Iacob MD, and he is optimistic. The docs have said that she is a “textbook” case of GBS, and Dr. Iacob is presenting her case in his lecture today at Rush Medical Center in Chicago.

The way that all of you have reached out to me renews my hope for our society. I had a talk with Mom this afternoon, and she is sounding much better than yesterday, she is able to laugh at my jokes, and she is very serious about getting some rest. I have been told that these are all good things, so I am able to smile for the first time in 48 hours! Again, thank you…all of you! I am grateful to be part of thsi important “family”!

Music Peace and Love………….John Nasshan