Thanks Terry!

November 18, 2008 at 8:25 pm

Thanks Terry! Today was hard babysitting. I made them both go to bed with Andy tonight. I’m sleeping on the couch tonight! Today both of them showed their behinds. It’s cold outside and we stayed in all day. So it was fight over toys all day long. Andy worked today and when he got home I was ready to hand them over to Grandpa! ROFL! He’s stuck with them tonight giving me a night of peace and quiet! LOL! I had a bad headache today too and almost got sick until I took something for pain. When I feel okay, I don’t mind keeping them. But when you feel bad it makes the job alot harder!
Governor Easley is going to ask for Federal Disaster Assistance but I really doubt there will be any! Today I went through a few things I don’t need and decided to get them to my daughter when she comes back over and let that be donated to some of the people that lost things. Well! It’s a good time for getting rid of clutter in my house. And it’s things others could use.
Linda H