Thanks Suzanne!

September 19, 2008 at 3:16 pm

Thanks for that advice! Never thought about getting a computerized image of the foot before. Where would you go and get something like that done. I get alot of problems with my feet. They hurt all the time especially when I go to Walmart grocery shopping on those concrete floors

Thanks Suzanne

February 21, 2007 at 7:55 pm

😮 After rereading my post I recognize that I’m doing a “poor me.” Thank you Suzanne for telling me to get off it–that I’ll get better. My neurologist is the nicest and most supportive doctor I’ve ever met and he keeps telling me the same thing.

I do want to tap the experience and intelligence of this group about some of my recovery over the past three months. I think my balance [B]is[/B] getting a bit better though I have a lot of trouble with rugs. If I don’t turn slowly by inches I’m likely to do a twirl and crash into something. I have had leg spasms when I go to bed but my doctor prescribed an anti-seizure drug that knocks me out for at least seven hours. The most worrisome thing is that my hip joints and my knees are very painful. Occasionally I’ll put weight on a leg (like going down stairs) and either my hip or knee gives way and I crash to the floor (unless I’m gripping the banister).

By the way, I met a fellow just a couple of years younger than me who came down with GBS about the same time as I. He’s thrown away his cane and is happily normal. God bless him.