Thanks Stacey Dawn and Cheryl

September 22, 2008 at 5:50 pm

Thanks Stacey, Dawn and Cheryl! Stacey! I have alot of problems sleeping and some nights I only get 2 or 3 hours and some nights if I’m lucky I get 6 hours of sleep. Will go into a deep feeling sleep and then get zapped by something to not be able to sleep at all.
Seen me fall asleep at 9 to wake up at 11:30. Seen me fall asleep at 11:30 to wake up at 2:30! I have tried all kinds of stuff to get to sleep. Avoiding caffiene, sweets, midnight snacks, trying to be active all day. Ambien, Zanax. Stopped this med to see if that was the cause. Stopped that med to see if that was the cause.
Recent sleep study showed some sleep apnea but they saw more of an obstructive airway problem than the apnea. Thyroid nodules being sub sternal! I looked up some stuff today and my symptoms have been there a long time. Sleep pattern too! Saw 3 different doctors over this problem and nothing ever got done. Got fed up and switched and found one to finally listen to me and the poor man has done everything he can to help me all summer long. And thanks to him, I think we found my answers. He is thinking my attack on my nervous system was due to a thyroid storm two weeks after my surgery in May which could have been deadly and real serious issue. He too started out trying to check my Lupus but the labs were way off the chart! Not indicating Lupus attacking the nervous system. Then the Neuro I saw, well he said I did have CIDP but of unknown etology. I just hope this thyroid issue is what caused the CIDP. If so and I am treatable then I may finally get my life back. Just hope that CIDP is what caused this and nothing else hidden in my closet!
It’s 5:34 and I have been tagging by the phone all day and my doctor did not call like he said. Something may have come up though and he either did not have time to call or is still trying to get me in for surgery. I will hear from him though. He’s pretty good about his calls. I just think he may have gotten tied up with an emergency and could not get to me today.
Although a little disappointed, I have to understand that he is really trying to get me in quickly. Off course he has the surgeons schedule to go by and the hospital’s schedule also he has to deal with and his schedule too! So they might be discussing what is a good time for all 3 issues. He is going to call. Just looks like it’s not going to be today. Arf arf! ๐Ÿ™ Ohh well! Life’s a beach at times! You watch! Right when I least expect it and have something I am in the middle of doing they will call me! We only have 1 Endrocrinologist here in my town too! See’s 60 patients a day and that might be a hold up there! I know my doctor has been talking with him though in regards to my case. Sending records to him too! Think there could be more than 1 doctor discussing me right now. With my situation and other problems especially lupus and asthma and the CIDP. More than 1 doctor will be handling my case.
Well! Tomorrow is another day! ๐Ÿ˜€