thanks lori

October 10, 2010 at 9:00 pm

you are 1 of the lucky ones adleast you have hope. actually my symptoms started in my 20s when i laid on my back and the curvature was in my teens. like i said i was fine besides the breathing about 2 years ago i noticed tingling in my feet didnt think anything of it was walking fine infact i was walking and acting normally til about 3 months after i started the treatments you wouldnt think .t would go down hill so quickly the day i started falling i was at work that was 3-26 of this year. now im disabled but thank god it has gotten a little better since i got off the steroids . best of luck to you keep at it the results are worth it. i know its a little late for me but if just 1 person benefits from my story it was worth it. Dave