Thanks Julie and Rhonda

June 22, 2009 at 10:06 am

Ohh! They had me drinking a ton of fliuds in the hospital. Plain water and I hate plain water. I noticed after those infusions I was peeing alot! Everytime I turned around I needed to go! Did notice the second and third day after having those infusions of feeling nausea and had the headache. Felt like I had the flu. But the high dose of pulse steroids helped relieve that some.
Today I am just starting to feel a little better with no headache or nausea.
Waiting for Medpro RX to call me this morning to arrange a time and day this week for my home infusion.

A little nervous about having this done at home! Just hope I do okay and have no problems. I feel better though and don’t feel that nerve pain as much and no longer feeling the buzzing vibrating jiggling mess going on in my body like I was last week!

Just curious but any suggestions I should do while being at home having the therapy! Like would I be okay in my den sitting in a recliner having this done? What do you all do with the home infusions? Watch TV? Read…. have trash can ready just in case we get sick? LOL! Being in the hospital you feel a bit safer than being at home!

I guess Medpro RX is going to be getting alot of questions today when they call.
Hey family! I know this stuff is not cheap having. But GOD am I grateful that they had it for me when I needed it! I just wished they would have done this much sooner on me instead of letting me get so darn sick!

I got a long recovery and no telling when my nerves start healing and getting better. But glad some of my symptoms have been relieved by this stuff. That oxycarbmezprine stuff though. Gosh that stuff is strong!

I am pretty sure it will eventually not make me so groggy but right now it’s strong!
Linda H