Thanks Jim for letting me know

August 20, 2008 at 2:11 am

Thanks Jim for letting me know! Feel a bit better! Still have not heard from them but they might have stayed over at Kate’s parents home. Since her family lives there. I did the same thing with my parents everytime NC had one too. Would call and get all worried. I lived in PA at the time when Hurricane Floyd hit Rocky Mount, NC. My parents live by a big river called the Tar River Resevior. Ohh my gosh! I was in PA and saw the news that morning and the flood they had. Could not reach my parents and got in my car and came to NC. My family got lucky and their home was not touched. Only 6 big trees and no power for 3 weeks. They had a generator running. My father was getting rather crabby after the 3rd week. No cable TV! LOL! But the devastation was horrible. Coffins in graveyards popped out of the ground and were floating in the water. You had to drive for hours just to get to one place. Several people lost their homes. That was the worst Hurricane I had ever seen hit like that. Then Louisiana had the horrible Hurricane. So now they scare me! Thank-you for helping out. I will just keep calling them!