Thanks Jan!

October 20, 2008 at 4:22 am

Thanks Jan! Was not really trying to diagnose myself but more wanted to know what would cause those labs like that to be abnormal. Just wanted to know what diseases could cause labs to be positive.
The only problem doing that is when you see diseases like HIV and APS. That APS is the worst you can have with Lupus.
And we all know what HIV does! 😮
I plan on calling the nurse today and see if she can explain that test result. Maybe she can give me some answers. Because of me feeling okay too, I doubt there is anything wrong unless it has something to do with this CIDP issue. The thyroid is under control though since that got removed and I am on meds for that now. Certainly feel better! Just weak though and can tell my nerves in my body got fried!
If I start feeling bad then I will get worried. It might have been checking me too for inflammatory reasons since I have inflammatory problems.
I was just curious of what all could cause that test to go positive. But really couldn’t find too much!