Thanks guys

April 3, 2011 at 5:40 pm

All good info to remember. I think I did read that CIDP and other autoimmune disorders can in some cases bring on heart irregularities. In fact what is certain is how uncertain doctors are in respect to the symptoms that these dosorders can create. That’s why it is so hard to know what is going on. I cannot use BB for PVCs, helps but causes allegic reaction. All Best 🙂

Thanks guys

March 17, 2011 at 5:09 pm

I appreciate your responses. I do take neurontin, 3200mg daily and vicodin ES, up to two of those a day and flexoril, 1-2 a day, on rare occasions three. It is not enough but that’s why I am visiting a surgeon for a consult on my back on April 1. Perhaps I can back off the pain meds if the pain is sharply reduced. I go to physical therapy and my therapist told me that I have bad knees because of the way I have to walk most of the time to balance myself, shuffling from side to side. The knee problems don’t even matter to me right now though. First things first, CIDP and also my back.

thanks guys!

June 13, 2008 at 12:56 am

Norb and Ken,

Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it. Too late tonight, but maybe i’ll try it tomorrow. Also, thank you for sharing your photos. They are wonderful!

Thanks Guys

September 17, 2007 at 11:05 am

I Really Appreciate All The Information I’ve Been Getting From The Forums. Thank You So Much. Thank You For Taking The Time To Listen And ‘think’ And Respond. There Is So Much To Think About With This Illness. Ali And Homeagain, I’ve Read Your Private Messages, Knowledge Is A Very Powerful Tool To Have Especially When You Feel As Though You’ve Gone Crazy! Thank You Again. Ali, I’m Still ‘mulling’. Lots To Think About. As To The Question Of ‘name Brand’ Medication, I Don’t Have A Clue. All I Know Is I Don’t Want That Stuff Again! I Had The Terrible Headache, Then The Rash A Few Days Later. One Doc Obviously Did Not Read The Drug Facts Because He Was Not Aware Of The Fact That Ivig Does/ Can Cause Mild To Severe Headaches. The Last Round I Recieved I Asked The Nurse For The Info In The Box And The Reaction Was There In Black And White.
Last Thurs. I Worked 1/2 Day And Was Dx With Bronchitis, Got A Decadron Shot And Rocephin 1 Gm And About 3 Hrs Later My Symptoms Started Worsening. Forearms-hands, Above The Knees Down Bilaterally Started Feeling Like They Had Been ‘woke Up From A Long Sleep ‘again. Little To No Strength, Still Drove My Daughter To Tennis Practice. The Feeling I Get Is So Weird. It Feels Like Touching Your Tongue To A 9-volt Battery. I’ve Started Levaquin 750 And Notuss Cough Med, S/s Improving As Long As My Fever Is Down. I Just Have Lots Of Chest Congestion.
Now I’m Rambling–just Nice To Know I’m Not Alone Here. I Hope This Finds Everyone Who Reads This Is Doing Well.
[i]by The Way–do You Guys Experience The ‘dermatones’ ? I Have These Muscle ‘twitches’ [b]all The Time.[/b] From About Waist Down. Very Annoying, But Tolerable-i Guess.[/i]
[i]hope To Hear From You Soon![/i]