Thanks girls!

June 6, 2008 at 11:31 pm

You are both awesome! Yeah, i definitely feel lucky to have my hubby! Sometimes, when i’m grumpy, i think back to when he hated me for not keeping up on the house and didn’t believe me when i would tell him there is something very wrong with me. I get mad and self-conscious, and when im really in a bad mood, i think to myself, “I hope he feels like a jerk for the way he was back then”. I know it is horrible, but im just being honest.

These days, he’s great. He just doesn’t like to talk about things; talking stresses him out. Silence and isolation are his tools to get through tough times. I’m the opposite, so it has taken counseling for both of us to see where one another is coming from. I know now that him ignoring me when im crying (i rarely let him see me cry) is not “ignoring” to him. it is giving me the space he thinks i need to deal with the issue on my own.

Yep, I’ll give him a big hug and kiss for you! He’s a hottie, too! He doesn’t believe it when i say he’s gotten hotter since he’s turned 30 (he’s 32 now). I told him i used to be his arm candy, and now he’s mine! I desperately want to go back to my old self again, so that is bothersome, but i still like being me!

About the gbs info packet, I didn’t know there was stuff like that available. And, another problem is that i havent officially been diagnosed yet, so i dont know how much help i can get. im hoping to find out more in july or august after the baby is born. I’ll check into it, though. Thanks for the advice!