Thanks GH

August 10, 2011 at 4:46 am

Thank you so much for the education. I mean that sincerely. Of course it makes perfect sense. It’s fatigue I’m feeling and it may be the resualt of overdoing it. It feels as if I’m walking with shoes that weigh 10Lbs. I’ve also felt very tired, slept a lot and just did not feel recovered. But it’s likely to take a few more days of rest and then doing a bit less.

I’m confused by the comments my neurologist makes and should require a more consise explanation. My understanding is that antibodies in my system are attacking the myelin insulating the nerve as if they were foreign invading antibodies and causing peripheral nerve damage which leads to weakness of legs and arms, inability to walk well, and loss of deep tendon reflexes. The plasmapheresis treatment helps in removing six pints of plasma and those attacking antibodies (among many good ones) allowing the myelin time to rebuild itself. It used to take three or four days for this to happen, and I would feel stronger all around, but lately it seems to be occurring much quicker. I don’t understand that, i,e, why should the Plasma Exchange be working so much faster? Could that be that my bone marrow is porducing less of those attacking antibodies? I’ve also been told that this rebuilding of myelin can continue unless the root of the nerve is damaged in which case the myelin cannot rebuild itself. Does any of this make sense to you? Then again I’ve been told that CIDP is a chronically relapsing disorder. There is a remission and then a flare up. I seem to get better for six weeks or so and then have a flare up as the one I’m experiencing now. I think a Flare should be differentiated from a relapse, right?

To confuse me even further, I seem to be having MGs symptoms. In fact my condition started out as an inability to swallow and I very gradually became physically weak, which is consistent with MG. So I appear to be somewhere between the two. If you can see your way to clarifying any of this for please do so. I would be very greatful. Thanks again.