Thanks for your response Jessica H.

June 5, 2010 at 11:24 am

Thank you for your response. My daughter also had the H1N1 vaccine prior to getting sick. Very likely this is how she got GBS.
Thank you for your ideas. My daughter had some numbness in her big toe, then the numbness spread. She had pains in her neck, back and legs. Then the leg pain was unbelievable.. tormentingly painful. She described it as if a truck ran over her legs and crushed them. At that time, her primary doctor saw her and ran blood tests. The doctor thought she had a virus or perhaps the flu. After about 3 days of severe leg pain, she was unable to walk without assistance. A few hours later her face drooped on one side and then we took her to the ER (on Christmas Day. ) At that point her tongue also began getting numb. A spinal tap helped diagnose the GBS. We were fortunate the Emergency Room Doctor figured it out. She was put on IVIG for 5 days and every day there was improvement while being on the IVIG. She was very lucky to have a relatively quick diagnosis and fortuante that she responded well to the IVIG. She also started physical therapy in the hospital and continued as an outpatient. The P/T helped.
I am finding the responses I have been getting to my post very helpful as I have not got too much info. from the nuero regarding the residuals except they should go away eventually.
I especially found the info. on the Vagus nerve and the GI stuff helpful.
I wish you good luck in your recovery. I will check out what you told me.