Thanks for the warm welcome

June 21, 2006 at 5:42 pm

this is a vary refreshing place to be. I’m married to a vary wonderfull man, who has kept his word when we said our I doe’s. I’m a cheese head, WI.
I love to garden, and can my own food, alot of that will be out for me this year. I also love to hunt and fish. Da hubby and I got married opening weekend of bow season, LOL a polish honey moon. I have 1 child shes 24 from a previous marrige. ontil last week, she was liven across the street from us, she got evicted because of her loser boyfreind, drugs, and da boyfreinds nut case mother.(vary long storie). I also I IBS with da trots, when its hard for me to get going, makes it a race.
I tend to push myself vary hard in PT, they keep tellen me to slow down. I had my own cleaning company for 19 years, I even clean for a few of the Chicago Bears when I lived in IL. My hubby asked me to give it up 3 years ago, I tend not to slow down,so the past few years have been a bit off for me.thats me in a nut shell. Thanks again for the vary warm wellcome. and my name is Denette.