thanks for the optimism : )

October 11, 2010 at 1:48 pm

no i havent tried cytoxin–the only thing i have tried is ivig and am now coming off the prednisone ( which i dont think did anything), i did ivig for 1 year every 12 weeks–i did feel better after–especially after the first couple– i think 12 weeks apart was just too long–after a whole year we retested and my antibody level stayed the same. starting this week i am going to start having ivig every 6 weeks. I really hope this will work, my dr did mention pe also-i think she means after my 6 sessions of ivig every 6 weeks if that doesnt work–i’ll clarify when seeing her thurs. Thank you for your post though—guess i was having a prednisone moment– lol. did you have to go through all these things that im going through to get to the “big guns” like cytoxin?? because i would much rather skip all these hoops and go straight for the chemo. cytoxin etc if thats what it takes– i would rather be sick for while and then cured rather than waste so much time trying things that dont work. i can see the drs point–less invasive etc..but when your life is on hold trying all these things that dont work—cancer pts survive 9 or more mos of chemo-then life goes on….thats all we want for our disease too.