Thanks for the new responses

April 5, 2011 at 9:12 pm

Dawn Kevies mom — Have been tested for diabetes and am not taking any unusual meds, but I will check the possible side effects on the few meds I am taking. A good idea. No rash on my hands, but they sometimes get cold (common GBS side-effect per this Forum). I talked to my internist about Raynaud’s and he said there’s some overlap, but thought mine was a different problem (although from my own internet research, it looks like Raynaud’s isn’t really a disease but more of a syndrome — a collection of symptoms + no particular treatment).

Guskno — Haven’t had the rash anywhere except below my knees, but the rash didn’t start (or at least I didn’t notice it) until several years after my GBS and it seems to slowly get worse. I’m an ordinary GBS, not a CIDP, so this may limit the effect to the lower legs where the nerve stimuli have the furthest to go and therefore where the cumulative effect of the GBS damage screws up the nerve action the most. Good luck.