Thanks for the info and advice

May 8, 2007 at 11:00 am

Interesting you talk about getting the docs to talk to each other. I just started seeing a new internist specifically because my neuro knows and referred me to him, and my family doc wasn’t communicating with her (the neuro). I think the internist is just covering the bases — he’s trying to get me on cholesterol meds, too, but I just don’t tolerate them. I figured that there’s no harm in getting an ultrasound of the liver just to see if there’s any physical problem or if this is an artifact of the IVIG.

I’ve been on Flebogamma since I started IVIG in July. It is sucrose-free. I’m not sure when my enzymes became elevated; I plan to ask her when I see her later this month.

Thanks again for all the good info. I’m sure learning a lot by participating in this board.