Thanks for the help

March 25, 2008 at 9:07 pm

Ali, I have had 2 EMG’s, one while in the ICU, and the second two months after I was DX with GBS. Neither showed signs of peripheral nerve damage. I still have problems although not that extreme, ie. hot/cold sensitivities, fatigue, loss of balance, blurred vision from time to time. It all sounds like a problem with my peripheral nerves according to what I have read. I want to agree with my Neuro that it is GBS, but he keeps saying no matter what point you are in the healing process you would show signs of nerve damage, even if you were completely healed. So I am a little concerned that there might be something else lurking around in my body. Oh ya, when I had my spinal done, in the hospital, the Neuro said I had the protein present that would signal GBS. However he said it was a very low level. Well, I should have my MRI results back in a few days, so I’ll post then what news I get. Lets hope I don’t have to leave this site for the MS site.