thanks for the concern

May 25, 2007 at 7:22 pm

Pain is not commonly associated with CIDP but is associated. My many typical symptoms are among the ones you listed. The atypical nature of my CIDP with pain and dysautonomic features illustrates the heterogenic nature of the illness. Each CIDP patient has essentially their own variant of the illness. Further, the tests you mentioned are commonly used but the results of each are not the sole diagnostic factors used. Positive or negative results in each of those tests do not exclude CIDP if the patient’s entire medical history leads to that diagnosis. There is currently no exact diagnostic test or exact minutely detailed diagnostic criteria. That is why I am seeking a 2nd confirming opinion and open to new or different findings. I was initially very troubled with the diagnosis of a rare disease due to the inherent diagnostic limitations of a disease about which little is known. It was the assurance of my neuro team that I had a high number of CIDP features that led me to accept the diagnosis. I hope I did not sound argumentative. I agree with everything you said. I only meant to illustrate the multi-headed monster nature of CIDP by indicating how it avoids easy classification.