thanks for responding

June 14, 2006 at 5:38 am

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I can’t believe I posted my 1st time in the wrong area. Oh well, it’s part of learning I guess, I tried to move it, but couldn’t figure out the system.
In response to jerimy’s reply, Yes, I’ve been on Neurontin & now I’m on Lyrica. It only helps w/ the pain in the feet area, somewhat. Doesn’t do the job completely, so I take pain meds w/ it also. The muscle pain has gotten a lot worse, especially in my arms. See my doc soon, so will ask him about it. I’ve had it before, BUT not this bad. The mornings are horrible, trying to get up & get ready for work sometimes, is unbearable, but I manage. It’s a good thing I’m a fighter, and don’t give in easy….. as I’m sure all of you understand that. Well, it’s very early here & I’ve got to get myself ready for work.
Thanks for my replies, I’ll move into the Adult CIDP area, later today.
Janice B