Thanks for replies

April 23, 2009 at 9:02 pm

Thanks for the info.

Allaug – How did they get the myelin to grow back? I thought it could not come back.

I called by Neuro and he does not want to prescribe narcotics. He is a very good doctor, but he is very cautious. I did find a pain management doctor that I will make an appointment with to see what he says. My regular doctor (he is an internist) gave me Vicodin about a year ago for shingles, but will not prescribe them again. I have two pills left from my original prescription of almost a year ago. If I was going to be addicted I think it would have happened already. Well, good luck to all and it is nice to have somewhere to go to talk with others that understand. I live in Michigan, just outside of Detroit. I know of no one else with this condition, except for this board.