Thanks for Caring

December 14, 2008 at 6:36 am

Hey Stacey,
As you have read, I have defineately been affected by mood. All the other things are OK so far, like BP, heart rate, just had blood work for SED, CMP and a few others all came back perfect.

I was origianally instructed to take 60/50/40/30 each day for three weeks each. But what actually happened was 60X2, 40X2, 50X1 and I went back up to 60 on my own. I went to 40 when I reported the increase in foot drop but after reexamintaion he said take 50 per day til Jan when I see him.
His thoughts are that the lower my dose, the longer it will take to recover.
So, I will do 60 if I can take it for a week or two, then go to 50 for the remainder til the visit or more problems etc.

I am on the fence with whether or not it is working. the inflammation is going down, that is for sure. Some of my numbest fingers are feeling some sensation, but the legs are slow in benefit. He said the foot drop will be the last thing that gets better. And In his last letter re emphasized the possibility, of MMN again! Probably due to weakness reported after snuffing the inflammation with the Pred.- Well, thats it, wait and see.

Unfortuneately I did get worse enough to cancel my current business trip to Austin to look at a project we are working on and felt bad that just a few weeks ago, I could have made the trip, but now can’t. A week or two and if things don’t start turning around, I’ll be pushing Both my Dr’s for the next step. thanks tim