Thanks for bringing this up!!!!

May 21, 2008 at 2:01 am

I haven’t told anybody about my twitches since when I was in emergency and I started having full body tremors and they thought I was siezing and because I was stillaware of what was going on the called a psychiatris to see me and I have not told anyone since about the tremors I get at night because I am afraid they would just think I am psycho.

I am so relieved I am not alone and that there is something more to this then my imagination. It has been bothhersome especially the jerking of my neck and head. There are times where my whole body jerks including my legs arms and head. I know during the day my legs love to jerk and do strange things, especially when they took me off my nerve pain killers but even with them it still happens. I started taking elevil and topamax for nerve pain because things are more painful now the topamax took away most of my symptoms but is not fully working. I think now I’ll address this with the neurologist now that I know that the jerking is common at night and mabye he might know something that might help, if he does anything because he doesn’tlike to medicate things.