Thanks for asking

July 29, 2007 at 4:46 pm

Another middle aged woman on depression/anxiety meds. I’m turning 50 later in the year and I believe hormones are messing with me too. However, I have been on meds. off and on for 20 years and believe it was severe depression that put me open to get GBS. I’m slowly growing up… but not much. I mainly feel like a 15 year old emotionally. With the passing of both of my parents these past few years, I feel totally lost except when I am with you all! I go off and on to a therapist I have gone to for over 25 years and that helps when I am really down.

What I feel is most depressing to me is looking at my future being single and having to take care of myself financially. Working 40 hours a week is extremely hard. And I am faced with the possibility of needing to seek new employment due to a major change where I have been for over 6 years. So between career and romance futures unsure, I wouldn’t mind leaving this place a little earlier maybe than originally planned. This is mainly due to getting GBS – or I wonder if I am giving GBS too much credit?

Another confusing day, but NASCAR is on TV and I can escape into one of those cars and go fast, very fast. Ya, a little warped…