Thanks for all the good info…keep it comin!

April 7, 2010 at 8:58 pm

I am so glad that I took the leap and joined this forum!

Ladyg, I have also been told I have carpel tunnel, a compressed ulnar nerve, fibromyalgia, and of course I had the disk replaced in my neck!! I feel kind of lucky…my sister unnecessarily had carpel tunnel and ulnar nerve surgery! I wish I could manipulate the system like that (using having to see new Dr’s to my advantage) but I don’t get to choose when I see a new one, the military does…it usually happens because a dr has been here long enough for their patent panel to fill up so they kick the dependents out and keep the active duty people!

Rhonda, As far as military health care…I have been lucky up to this point .. I have had 2 surgeries with military Dr’s and I am in the Washington DC area so I do go to Walter Reed but for some reason every time I start with a new Dr they all want their own set of tests and by the time I get them all completed it is time to move on to a new Dr….It has not always been this way…hopefully we can get all the soldiers home and then the Dr’s would not be so overloaded! As far as Kris is concerned I am going to pass your post on to her if that is ok with you. She is going to Mayo on the 20th and will be able to ask about some of the things you suggest.

Dawn, I am hoping that when Dr. Dyke sees my records he will be interested enough to help….I know both of the Dykes are practicing at Mayo now but I am not sure who kris sees…I think senior! I am also hoping that maybe the family connection (the genetic aspect) of all of this will interest him and help me get there!

Again…thanks to everyone for the advice….Its nice to have a group of people that understand this to bounce things off! Melissa