Thanks for all the advice!

November 8, 2009 at 9:17 pm

WH? Nothing was received as negative in your reply AT ALL!

Yes I do have other immune issues and my neuro, who’s been in and up to date on all of them is the one ordering a ‘long term IVIG port’.
I guess that my IVIG scheduled for 6 days after the port placement is good enuf? Had my last infusions at the very end of Oct. I had trouble training the ‘neuro’s nurse’ about the procedures tho….I KNEW there were windows of timing in which this all should be done… sure hope I’ve got it right? I suspect that my neuro…had to go and do a little ‘refresher of the memory banks’ himself too.
Lastly, a silly but not so silly question? I’ve had a mastectomy LB for BC and would they put the port on that side? Couldn’t that cause lymphedema problems? I’ll have to ask, I suppose once I get there. It’s important to know as I’m right-handed and have been relying heavily on that get me around and DO things while re-learning to walk! It is getting very complicated? :rolleyes:
LMX4 Cream, Is that the EMLA cream? My IV nurse is well familiar with it and expects it to be used….I’ve just got to remember to get the prescript filled before I start my new Insurance Calendar deducible year! I understand this stuff is dear cost-wise!
Dawn – Thank you for that Anathes./MS reference! That is something I’ve been aware of for ages, and some folks [docs, anathesiologists and others] do NOT respect it enough Unless you mention that ugly DEMEYELINATION word! That plus the fact one can actually spell it out? I feel more than ready to start swinging my cane to get thru to dense brains otherwise. I for one, am grateful for all the research MS folks have done in this area-work that WE benefit from!
I [I][B]THINK[B][I][/I][/B][/B][/I] I’ve got all my ducks in line? Tomorrow I’m calling the Insurance Co about being sure I’m ‘pre-approved’. These days? Don’t want ANY more surprises! I don’t think I’ll be in that hyper state of pre-panic until the nite before…. The only time I wasn’t? Was this summer w/my leg surgery – too knocked out on morpheine! I hurt then, but, simply didn’t care! 🙂 ?
Thank you both for your sound and wise advice. I am eternally grateful!

Thanks for all the advice.

June 11, 2009 at 10:27 am

second dr called doesnt seem to think i am a good candidate for IVIG. Not sure what that means. still working out at y and now physical therap y. Going to see my head therapist tomorrow not dealing so well right now. really frustrated and being tired all the time is not helping my mental well being at all. starting to get cramps in my hands and legs. Mom says eat more banannas. after tomorrow dont have physical therapy for a week because they dont have any openings.oh well. mom is trying to get me to schedule with my traineer at the Y for that week. She is really pushing me hard. will try to get litterature on cidp from foundation, tht is my project for now. Have towork this af ternoon.