Thanks family!

June 14, 2009 at 6:46 am

Thanks family! I did finallay get some sleep last night until 3 in the morning and the was awakened by the numbness and tingling crap! Medication wore off. But I managed to force myself to stay in that bed and not get up and finally did get a few more hours. But even as waking up I still feel like I have not slept much at all!
So far the generic Imuran seems to be doing okay with me and I have not gotten sick yet! Yeahh! That was my biggest worry!

Andy worked on my food pantry again today! Almost done! Another week maybe he will be finished. But I got one shelf made and this week I can put my canned goods on them! Yippee! Did not do any canning this week or last week. Felt too bad! Going to take a break until my garden stuff gets ready! Hopefully by then I will be getting better! Hugs
Linda H

Thanks Family

November 9, 2008 at 8:26 pm

Thanks family for the well wishes. I told my husband today that all I need to do now is drink a gallon of water and watch my pin holes leak! LOL! Got little bruises all over the place. That’s what I call one major extensive EMG/NCV! I have had many of these test over the years but NEVER had one like this one. Duke seems to be a good hospital. They do have a decent crew there and they work in teams. So you end up seeing the main doctor along with several underneath him. Tomorrow when I get the time, I am going to place a few pictures I took. It’s a nice place! Just hated that traffic! Thought about what I would do with these doctors I had problems with. Going to send them all a copy of Duke’s report! Then thank them so very much for having me in their care. 😀 Nice but sarcastic tone! Then tell them that maybe they should listen more often to their patients and when diagnosed with Lupus.. it never goes away. Might even suggest to the first doctor that saw me that he goes back to school and get a refresher course in Lupus. He was a Rheumatologist too! But a lousy one! Don’t get me wrong here! I have seen some great nurses and great doctors and those that are professional, I do not cut them down. But it’s just like any other profession! Some doctors and nurses go into the medical field because it is their dream to help people, while others just go in it for the money and don’t care about people. They just see dollar signs. Just like the good auto mechanic that is decent and honest.. then there is Joe the Mechanic that only see’s money and will tell you everything is wrong with your car when in fact it is just a minor thing but he will end up costing you a fortune ripping you off. The nurse and doctor are the same way! Some are fantastic and others stink! I can tell a good one from bad one! The good ones are like Jamie! She does what she does bacause she wants to help people out! It’s in her heart to do so! My regular doctor is that way too. He will go to all ends just to try and help his patients and he listens.
Thanks Norb about the information. I looked online and found they are using this also for Lupus. Something to do with the B-Cells. People with Lupus tend to make more B-Cells and this drug helps to deplete the B-Cells and has a good prognosis is helping many with lupus that have problems like me. But! It’s also a drug that in some patients it really does not help them. A few rare cases have not responded to the drug while others have. So I guess this will be a trial and error and see what happens with my case!
Just curious about what the cost of this treatment might run? I know it’s not going to be cheap! Thanks for all the helpful advice. Everyone in here have been so nice! This site is really great! I see alot of closeness here and understanding. Something that many sites don’t have!
Thank-you all to the bottom of my heart for being there for me and giving me answers and sharing with me. I have learned alot in here but still have alot to learn. I hope that someday I too will be able to help another person in here and give them advice that will make them better! Hugs
Linda H