Thanks Dawn and Ali

July 22, 2007 at 5:31 pm

Thanks Ali & Dawn,
It took years of treatment for me to talk about the abuse, I live with the thoughts more now that I am Totally Disabled from this GBS renewed weakness–all those thought came rushing back–BIG TIME.
I know you say thanks for your service to me but I don’t rank that–not by a long shot, See back then when I enlisted it was during peace time–No wars going on– also I received a OTHER THAN HONORABLE DISCHARE–because I went AWOL from the medical unit I was in after I got out from the VA hospital, I fought my own WAR and that was the GBS and the Neglect and Abuse but being a teen in the Army and having a messed up head from all that crap I took off and went home because I hated them ALL, I was gone for about 80 days and tried to committ suicide by smashing up my car– As you can see I didn’t succeed but anyway I tuned myself in at that time and was put in jail for No insurance while waiting for the MP’s, After returning they offered me a OTH discharge and I signed myself out with that–yes It cost losing all my benefits, I went on with life and like most after GBS went back to work and I left it all behind me–but after being hit with this Renewed GBS crap I had to give up my job I held for 24 years straight, Had to Cash in all my savings-401k-Kids Collage–and almost lost my house, Now I live off my SSDI–Thank God I was able to work long enough to get enough to skim by on now with SSDI, I did get ahold of the VA and they said they would give me Medical Help ONLY so they gave me a Electric hospital bed and a wheelchair but no money. I use my wifes Insurance because I can’t stand going into the VA hospital–I go into a panic attack. Well I spilled enough of my guts for everyone to see–I better stop–Thanks again–Dan