Thanks, Chrissy for the compliment

August 24, 2007 at 4:58 pm

Thanks, Chrissy. I use the same philosophy as they used in cleaning up New York City which was out of control with crime. They started with little things – arresting people who urinated in the steet, who didn’t pay for the subway, etc. Taking care of fixing the little things and not allowing the bad stuff changed the city as a whole. I think if you fix the little things that are wrong with the body, it won’t get out of control. Unfortunately, all of us who suffered through GBS had a body totally out of control. SO we have to take back control of it…little by little. I noticed that I had tooth pain from my gums pulling away from the teeth. I was taking enough of vitamin C so I tried calcium next to tighten them up. VIOLA. Pain gone and the gums were back to normal. I was afraid to go to a dentist because I did not want to get novacaine put into my system. It amazes me that most people do not want to use complimentary medicine. They are happy to stay on pharmaceuticals. If they read the side effects, they would change their minds. I am now experimenting with gemstones that help the nervous system repair itself.