Thanks and update

October 16, 2007 at 5:00 pm

Thanks for answering my questions guys. I went to see my neurologist today and we are gonna get my labs again and see where they are in relation to when I was first diagnosed with GBS back in 2002 and also going to do some kind of breating test. She also is setting me up for more IVIg treatments. She wants to avoid starting me on any medication as long as we can, which I agree with. However she did give me Cymbalta for my neuro-related pain and Rozerm to help me get some sleep.

Good news is is that it looks like a relaps – and with that it means that I will be able to recover from it and get back to where I was. I caught the flu in late August and it apears that people like us can afford to get the flu without serious consiquences! Oh well at least now I have some hope of pulling out of this before I start my clinicals which are next fall…that is if I don’t get the flu then haha.

Well hope everyone is doing well and today is a good day. Still sleepy but good news and hoping for the best! 😀