Thanks & update :-)

June 11, 2008 at 1:02 am

Sorry I didn’t respond to all that were so kind giving me strength to go on! Amazing how draining all this can be. So many emotions, changing rapidly, one day crying, another frozen scared, the anger and fear of the unknown, on and on it goes. Dawn Kevies mom, Josh’s gram (wow another gram on here!), Judi z, Montanasmum with the most beautiful children, angel2ndclass22699 and Kimbo (I read this one over and over many times, digesting those dates, please tell your son I am very proud of him and congratulations 😀 Thank you ALL, hope I didn’t leave anyone out, all the post made a tremendous impact on our family, I shared some of these over the phone with the parents who are still in AZ with my grandbaby, they also drew strength from you all:) I hope to someday do the same for another being new to all this. I actually read these post over and over, then printed them out and took them to bed to read!

Will share our news. Our girl beat the pneumonia TG! Now has mild strep and a staph infection, they assured me it’s mild, still need to research what exactly is a staph infection and what causes this :confused: She is done with first treatment, no improvement, think it was called IVG. Today they inserted the tubes for the blood cleaning treatment that will start in the morning. Nothing else is new, I like to think because the GBS is stable, at least not going down more.
I would like to ask if maybe someone can tell me what you think while in this state of coma and on all those drugs they keep giving her! Is she REALLY understanding, we have one pinky and one eye movement that she communicates with. Does she really know all that is going on? I pray she is not scared laying there hearing bits and pieces. I have requested the kids try to explain, let her know it will be ok, not sure though if she can understand. They have her on heavy pain medications, morphine for way long now! She has to be very scared I would think!
All the many awful drugs they are giving to her is enough to make my heart pound hard! I didn’t get this age and not learn a thing or two about the medical establishment and pharmaceutical company’s, that in itself is VERY scary if you know what I mean! I know all these drugs must have horrible side affects, I do not know the exact names of what she is given so I can’t research. Maybe it is best I don’t? Her bowels are not working, is that the norm for GBS or is that from the many medications? They rub her tummy and give suppository but still not working. All those toxins need to come out! Will she be on medications once we come out of all this? Don’t get me wrong, I know we have to trust the doctors and some treatments save lives, but is something else going to go very wrong in her body way later, like her organs from all those toxins being put in now or is the big C going to start later from some? Is there any alternative treatments for GBS?
I have a LOT of research to be doing! For now though I will just read, draw strength and pray this new treatment shows her to improve.
She is/was very proud to serve her country and making this decision on her own was a huge step for her. This was her passion after watching, reading all the news on 911, that followed her through both JR High and High School. Soon as she graduated she knew what she wanted to do and that was it. Who would ever dream something like this would happen, to think I was so fearful of her deploying! She assured me ‘Grams it will be ok, I am going to be fine and watch me make you proud’. She could flip burgers for all I cared, I would still be proud of her!
Thanks for now, here I dumped again…..I will get better at this, please know I am here for you all if ever needed:o