Thanks & more questions

September 5, 2007 at 9:38 pm

Thanks so much for all the input. Monday I go see the muscle-neuro specialist.
My one doctor says I present like CIDP, but my tests don’t confirm it. I have only been dealing with my symptoms for about 3 months, so it is difficult to know if I am suffering form CIDP or not. Sometimes as I read through the site I think–Yes, but the fact I don’t seem to be progressing now, makes me question it. I seem to have “leveled” off, but I did have one round of IV steroids and I don’t know if that could have “stopped” things for the moment. What I notice is if I don’t get enough sleep or try to do too much–then the weakness in my legs is way worse and I get very fatigued. The weakness in my arms and hands bothers me more if I try to play piano or do a lot of writing.

I appreciate the insight from everyone and appreciate any more insight people have. I’ll report on what I learn–if anything on Monday in case it helps somebody else.