thanks all..I have SO many questions

February 24, 2007 at 1:40 am

It makes sense that ” a mild case wouldnt need treatment”. I guess I say mild b/c I am reading about many others here that are so worse off.

I have to say that yes, I was weak and numb before the treatment. I honestly cant say that I feel anything is any better. I dont need assistance getting up the stairs or out of a car…up the stairs is hard some days and impossible to carry my son up them if I dont lean my body against the wall. He is 40 lbs. 4 yrs old. I need help opening jars and twisting off most lids, or even squeezing the clamp thing you use for a chip clip. I have never needed assistance with getting up. I do need my husbands arm if we are walking far…mostly for balance b/c I feel like I’m going to fall after a while. I have slight foot drop on the left foot. And I am slow. I used to think it was b/c I am a foot shorter than him and his legs go faster b/c they are longer. Not exactly the problem.

My husband can squeeze most of my toes or even dig his nail into them as he pinches…on the bottom of the toe…and I cant feel it. I cant make a complete circle with my feet and cant spread my toes at all. I can curl them usually…all but one. With concentration. I orginally noticed it all on the left and now it’s without a doubt on the right. And, that’s been within maybe the last two months. It showed on the EMG more than I actually noticed it.

My nuero has told me that based on the exam and the EMG’s, he is suprised at how well I walk.

He always does the pin test, the vibrating test…sometimes uses a cotton ball…he will move my toes up and down and ask if I can tell he is doing it. He will watch me walk barefoot. He asks me to walk on my heels…and I cannot do that at all. He has me close my eyes with my arms reached out and feet together.
He keeps asking me about problems with my face or double vision. I hope that’s not something he is expecting ?
I have a twitch in one eye every day. I told him that but he didnt get concerned.
With me not feeling the pin or some of the vibrating…or even my husbands pinch…is that what is considered sensory loss ? I also lack the feeling in my shins on certain spots. What exactly is motor loss and sensory loss and how do I know if I have one or both ?

So, no more blood tests are standard then ? And I do NOT want another spinal tap. I cried out loud with instant tears at the first attempt. Then the dr stopped…my poor mother was watching in horror as I cried like a baby with big tears. They ended up having a radiologist do it with fluroguide.

suppose to get 10 inches of snow here tomorrow. I’m taking my son to the circus in the early afternoon. Looking forward to something fun.

thanks all for your help and advice. I’m very glad to have someone to share with that can really understand. HOW do we get our spouses to realize this stuff ? I have a great hubby. I just wish I could make him understand it.

sorry for rambling.
peace to all.