Thanks a lot

November 24, 2007 at 3:38 am

Thank you so much everyone. This really gives me some light in the dark days. I also heard a girl recover fully from a serious GBS, first failed on IVIG, but had a sharp change after Plasmapherisis. Today I raised this point which had already been ruled out by the attending neurologist when my mom was in the ICU. They still thinks more risks than benefits.
She is actually in a public hospital called Bellevue in NYC. Since she is visiting me, so she doesn’t have any medical insurance, which is also a worrying point to me. I am still not quite sure whether the docs will have different thinking on the treatment based on your insurance condition. We were forcefully discharged from the ICU, even she is in a high fever of 105 F. She is now on the medical flloor, where the vent has big noise like motorbike.
It seems her temperature went down today. The docs still thinks transfer her to a nursing home in Roosevelt Island while I insist not going anywhere unless she is quite stable.
I also hate the sense that the docs are giving up and discharge you somewhere waiting for the moment.

I want her to live as long as possible without pain and have chance to express herself in the near future.

Thank you all again.