November 21, 2006 at 12:47 pm

Thanks to both of you. It gives me courage to fight on for good facility for my friend Tim. We may have to take a risk. I have found one facility: Shady Grove Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital in suburban DC that will take him for a 10 day evaluation. The trial is all the insurance company will agree to at this time. The risk is that it is another move and if they reject him after 10 days or that the insurance company (Cigna) does not agree with the plan, then we are back to the idea of home care. I am going to try to make sure that the evaluation will likely be successful by having his neurologist talk to the medical director at Shady Grove in advance and if the probabilities of success look high, then I think it will worth the trial. Sadly our medical insurance system in this country has reached the stage where their doctors manage the care, not the Tim’s doctors and they do so with only medical records and the not by seeing Tim themselves. They don’t do so with any malice of intent. They just look at the prognosis for short term recovery and if it slim, then they want him home. As we know gbs is long term by definition. Some companies understand this but others, ours, does not. I will keep you posted because how this case is ultimately handled might be a good learning for others heading down the same track. Thanks, Richard