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May 4, 2007 at 5:47 pm

Thanks so much for all of your very informative replies! I did get an interview from someone, which is extremely helpful in addition to several of you who said that there is no “normal” progression of symptoms for GBS.

I will pass this information along to my fellow OTs so we can learn to provide individualized, quality care for persons experiencing GBS. So… thanks! God bless you all as you push through and continue living lives of purpose and meaning despite the challenges you’re each facing day by day!


Thank you thank you thank you

April 11, 2007 at 1:45 pm

This is a great thread. I just posted some questions regarding caring for someone with GBS. I have absolutely NO IDEA why I thought I knew better than him, that a foot massage or back massage would be [I]just greeeeaaat[/I] for him. How could I be so annoyingly dumb???
Please keep adding to this. I want to know anything I can about helping him. We have some language difficulties as he is Italian and I am American. He speaks a little English and I speak a little Italian, maybe that’s why I thought I didn’t have to listen to him…….
Anyway, reading these tips here, in my native language is such a huge help.
Thanks for sharing, you all are amazing!

Thank-you, Thank-You, Thank-You!!!!!!!!!!!

December 11, 2006 at 5:18 pm

To all who replied to my original post a huge kudos. I am very new to forums and don’t know if a new posting or a quick reply is the correct method. I have read everything on this site over the last three weeks of our ordeal. It is a wonderful website with very encouraging people. A few more details about my Dad. He had the flu when he received the flu shot! Six days later the classic signs appeared tingling in his feet(Thursday) Friday No use of his legs and then off to our nearest larger hospital. Spinal tap Friday night. No use of his arms by Sunday. Ventilator Monday. Treciotimy Tuesday. Pneumonia Wednesday. Because he sstill has the pneumonia they will not treat him with anything else as not to jepordize his immune system further. Tommorrow they will place a permanent feeding tube. Every morning I wake up (haven’t slept anyway) and think this is all a bad dream……but it’s not.