Thank-you Limecat and Tim

June 25, 2009 at 8:01 am

That might be what happened to me in the hospital with my first infusion. The second day was not as bad and I had a different nurse doing the infusion. She was pretty good about giving them and seemed to know what to do.

Thanks for the advice! Yep! I have Humana Medicare! I had two options. Buy them giving me IVIG in the hospital they covered this Part B! So that made the cost a little bit cheaper because I was admitted.

I think now that Humana is covering this Part D. The man at Medpro said that would be my better bet cost wise. It would put me in the Catastrophic Phase and I would only have to pay 5 percent of the bill. But I need to find out about the nursing bill and supplies!
He forgot to mention that! And I read a posting in here that many are having to pay that part of the bill!
That is what they are doing this week. Talking with my insurance and then plan on calling me to let me know the details.

Yes Tim! I agree with you about this new healthcare reform But something has to get done. My husband has a good paying job and had great benefits last year. But the auto market has been in a slump. In order for my husband to not lose his job last year his boss took away healthcare! So now my husband is uninsured! I used to be on his insurance but when he got this job and got insurance they denied me on his application because of my preexisting condition.

I can’t even get life insurance and that’s not right! The thing that scares me is me having a problem and it be something else different requiring more testing and the doctors tell me it’s what I have already causing my life to be in danger! Letting the doctors make the call helping to save healthcare cost!

And then what will happen to me? I am very scared but there are so many out there that can’t get healthcare and need it badly! So I guess we have to give it a shot or we may see more without any healthcare at all! I personally think they over charge anyway in these hospitals. Last year my healthcare cost was over $100000.00 Now that is alot of money! That Rheumatologist I saw at Pitt Medical Center just for one visit ended up costing $457.00 and then the labs he ordered landed another $2000.00. One visit to that place ended up costing $2457.00.

I got stuck owing after the insurance paid $357.00 not to mention the copays that I have to pay before being seen by my other doctors! Last month alone I landed myself with over $600.00 in medical bills to pay! It’s rediculious! Totally rediculious! My husband and I this past year have been forking out $500.00 a month on medical bills! Thats a car payment that we don’t have a car for! LOL!
Linda H